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Devcon Security™ FAQs

Q. What is included in the standard Devcon home alarm system installation?
A. Our Standard security package includes a panel/keypad system with 3 door contacts and one motion sensor.

Q. How much does a Devcon Security home or business security system cost?
A. The price of a home security or business security system can vary depending on your area and the security system you chose. For more information call us at 855.280.3311

Q. Can I really save up to 20% off my current monitoring rate if I switch my security service to Devcon Security?
A. Yes, Devcon Security periodically offers certain discounts on monitoring rates. The special offer requires enrollment in our auto payment program. Three-year monitoring agreement required. Applicable taxes and permit fees not included. Offers may not be combined with any other discount and is subject to change. Home ownership and credit approval required. Home must be located in a Devcon® service area. In addition, the 20% off offer is subject to your providing us with a copy of your current monitoring invoice. Devcon monitoring rate limited to the greater of $22.99 per month or your existing monthly monitoring rate less 20%. However, please call for the most up to date information on Devcon® monitoring fees and other terms.

Q. I have a Devcon Security system in my home (or business) already, how do I activate it?
A. You can activate an existing system. Just call us and we can discuss the process and get your system activated as soon as possible. To schedule your service activation please call us at 855.280.3311.

Q. Can I pay by check or credit card each month automatically?
A. Devcon makes it easy to keep your account up-to-date. Our online billing options let you pay your bill any time, from any computer with automatic 2048-bit security to ensure your complete protection. Setting up recurring payments from your checking account or credit card will save time and paperwork every month and will soon be available on our new website. You'll still receive regular monthly statements so you can always address any issues that you may have, but you'll never have to worry about looking for stamps or writing out checks again.

Q. What if I have a business that I want protected?
A. Because all businesses have different needs please contact us toll-free at 855.280.3311 and we can set up an appointment with one of our Devcon Representatives to determine your needs.

Q. I have home security questions regarding the Devcon alarm system and/or my Devcon Security monitoring account.
A. You can get information 24 hours a day online when you log in at Devcon Security Customer Access (located in the upper right hand corner of the page). Or you can call our Customer Care representatives at 855.277.1030.

Q. What does Devcon Security Services do?
A. Devcon Security Services offers residential, small business and corporate security systems with 24-hour monitoring to give you, your family or business peace of mind. Before we install any system into a home we listen to your needs and work with you to prepare a solution that makes sense for you, your lifestyle, your business and your budget.

Q. What sets Devcon's™ security systems apart? Why choose Devcon?
A. Devcon is quickly becoming the most trusted name in security systems & protection for residential, small business & commercial customers nationwide. We have the technology and the training to serve as your eyes and ears 24/7, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

It all starts with technology from General Electric, the world leader in advanced security systems. Choose from a broad range of products that offer advanced features like individual point zoning that can identify specific areas where trouble occurs. That way, we can provide precise information to you and the police. Devcon systems are also easy to use, which means arming and disarming your new security system is easy.

You can even turn on a light before entering a dark home or business! We also offer additional features for situations like if your power goes out, extreme temperatures, moisture sensors and telephone line cuts. Add in our home automation features and you can give yourself complete control of your system from any PDA, cell phone or Internet-enabled computer. It's just like carrying your system keypad with you. But Devcon is more than just an expert in hardware. Our system professionals are also well versed in local codes and regulations, so they can engineer a solution that's genuinely built around your home or business.

Q. Can I really save up to 20%* on my home owner's insurance just by having a monitored security system?
A. *While we can't tell you exactly how much you might save many insurance companies offer a discount if your home is monitored by a security company. Depending on what you have installed the discount may be as high as 20%. You can find out more detail about your possible policy discounts by contacting your home owner's insurance agent. We'll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a free in home security analysis. You can call us at 855.280.3311

Q. How do I apply for an open position at Devcon Security?
A. You can see current positions available online. We have a link that allows you to apply directly online for any posted position, just click on the link associated with the position & city for which you would like to apply.